Exits and Entrances

20170219_084459We find gates to be quite intriguing objects.
20170219_085504Some are elegant.
20170219_084420Some are less so.
20170219_084711Some are mysterious.
20170219_083703Some are functional.
20170219_085547Some are interesting.
20170219_085629Sometimes, mainly due to their juxtaposition.
20170218_085924And some you just wonder why…
20170218_135127All of these gates can be found in Cavalaire, adding even more delight to our picturesque little corner of paradise.20170219_085348


4 thoughts on “Exits and Entrances

  1. It’s funny.. I have a series of gates and doors in pictures that I keep wanting to use for a post. You might have given me the nudge to finish it and actually publish it!
    These are lovely indeed, sir!


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