Just a Walking the Dog



Being looked after again by a dog is interesting.
With Emmy off on a trans-Atlantic jolly, Eros has assumed responsibility for my well-being.
This means that, in her ladyship’s absence, I am currently a guest in his home.
This works pretty well, generally speaking.
My duties are simple enough even for me to grasp.
My top priority is his dinner.
I have very specific instructions as to his likes and dislikes.
So far (touch wood) I have escaped his wrath.
Other than that, I have to be involved in his exercise regime.
I rise at 8 a.m. and accompany him on his morning amble.
He has a preferred route for each of his local daily sorties.
Morning we go up the fairly wild grassy bit, where he does what a man has to do, then follow a natural loop home, taking around 30 minutes.

Secret Bridge

Secret Bridge

Afternoon we go down to a different grassy bit with more trees, then cross the Secret Bridge, and come back up the other side of the little stream, again taking roughly half an hour.
After dinner we have a short lazy stroll up the hill, I check out Orion while his nose reads the day’s news, and we head for bed after maybe 20 minutes.
In the midst of this I have to find time to take him to the beach.
More of this at a later date, when my nerves are calmer.




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