Just Meandering

20170216_162059Eros shows me parts of the town that I seldom frequent.
20170213_082333Here we share some of what we see.
20170215_091149Not because of the quality of the photography, we use a portable, a mobile or cell phone.
20170215_165802But because it gives a different flavour to our posts.
20170215_091434We show what we think is typically French, typical of Provence, and typical of this Mediterranean coast.
20170215_170236And some things we just find cool.
20170216_162744So there are trees…
20170216_162017and houses…
20170215_170141and stuff.20170215_135105


4 thoughts on “Just Meandering

  1. Trust Eros to show you nifty spots around his neighborhood. He takes his time investigating stuff you wouldn’t see if he didn’t insist! He may just be the only dog who stops and smells flowers!
    .I particularly liked the photo of the stream running through flowered banks then ducking under the stone bridge.
    I enjoyed meandering with both of you.

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