French Culture and Permaculture

an undiscovered path

Emmy writes:

On April 9th I walked an undiscovered path lined with wild flowers. I arrived to a clearing where the happy sounds of excited little kids rang and bounced all around.

I came to share in the excitement of a new project and a ribbon cutting event, after which budding gardeners were going to plant tomato seedlings.

Look – a plant!

A new association, Dynamique Ensemble (Dynamic Together), is embarking on a new adventure.
It is called Potager Intergénérationnel, or Inter-generation Vegetable Gardening. Catchy, hmm?

Its mission is to provide a setting in which multiple generations meet and share the love of nature and organic gardening, and will, eventually,  introduce the practice of permaculture (development of sustainable and self-sufficient agricultural ecosystems).

In a little corner of Paradise, little kids will learn the ins and out of a vegetable garden, how to plant, maintain and grow vegetables,  how to care for chickens and goats.

Happy chickens

The garden is now a regular destination for after school programs (no longer funded by the central government, but yet mandatory) and children are looking forward to it.

a cartoon octopus!

Le Bois Joli (Pretty Wood) retirement community provides transportation for its interested residents for  regular visits.

Situated on the domaine Foncin (Foncin Estate*), the inter-generational garden offers quietude, sunshine, hidden springs, wild flowers, and a breathtaking view of the bay. It is both restful and invigorating.

This new destination open to visitors is ripe with potential, a hopeful outlook on the future and food for the soul.

*The Foncin Estate is situated on the western edge of Cavalaire, and is notable for the magnificent White House, built in 1894, which sits high on the Pointe du Dattier (Date Palm Point).

um, some goats