Should you


the stream of time

the stream of time

Should you go up in smoke, I will watch
The grace of its curl, of the blue veil
That flies, snags and dreaming
A little, disappears in a puff of wind.

Should you hurtle towards the sun
Shades of regrets can’t stop your run
There are impossible loves…
For a flammable heart, there is no asbestos.

If the leaf floating on the stream of time
Is a sleeping nymph, the soul
Of a passion deeply buried,
Who am I to awaken her so late in the day?

I am wood floating in deep waters
I come I go tossed in the hands of rough seas
Too wet to burn yet too dry to green
I cannot stop you, but only follow.

Should you go up in smoke in a delirium of sparks
I will still roll in the whispers of briny waves
You will then leave to the sounds of driftwood sighing
And the wet gaze of a washed out sky.

You ask for nothing, but you expect too much…