The Roses of Maubert


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La Médiathèque, our wonderful Multi-media Library, is currently running another great exhibition, The Roses of Maubert.
Entry is, as always, free of charge.

You might already be aware that this is to be the site of a literary event of stunning magnitude, a bi-lingual Book Reading and Signing followed by a Q&A Session with the (not very) famous but decidedly local author C. E. Ayr.
On Tuesday 14th June, 2016, at 14.30.

C E Ayr

C E Ayr

But the current interest is in Les Roses de Maubert, The Roses of Maubert.
Edouard Maubert was a botanical painter at the Museum of Natural History in Paris during the 19th Century.
This exhibition presents 54 lithographs of his roses, each accompanied by descriptive notes in English and in French.

Two of Maubert's Roses

Two of Maubert’s Roses

Those of you who would like to see the rest of this superb display please click here to visit our full Picture Gallery.
It also shows a fascinating variety of related information, including a history of rose growing, major areas of cultivation in France, high fashion gowns, and much more.

History and Major Areas of Rose Growing

History and Major Areas of Rose Growing

This raving reporter (that is not a typo) particularly enjoyed two other items.
The first is from Claude Monet’s Women in the Garden (Femmes au Jardin), a piece from 1866 by the French Impressionist genius.

20160514_121653 a

Claude Monet’s Women in the Garden

And the other is an excerpt from Marie In The Garden (The Roses) an 1893 painting by Danish Impressionist Peder Severin Kroyer.


Marie In The Garden (The Roses) by Peder Severin Kroyer

But, of course, for the pachyderm from the country of Robert Burns, there is one special treat, Rosa arvensis capriolata.
The Ayrshire Rose.
This beautiful white creation was discovered in 1776 in Loudon Castle, at which time Scotland’s Bard was only 17 years old.
This spot is less than 20 miles from where long suffering teachers endeavoured to educate the more wayward chunk of your favourite blogging duo.

ayr rose

Ayrshire Rose

Of further interest to those of you with noses, Diane Saurat introduces an Olfactory Conference at 14.30 on Wednesday 8 June.

This exhibition is, as always, beautifully presented by the director and staff of La Médiathèque.
It is a treat for the eyes, and you won’t get hay fever.

La Médiathèque presents

La Médiathèque presents