Springtime of Poets

Springtime of Poets

Once again La Médiatheque, our local library, has hosted a superb cultural event.

This time it featured this blog’s very own poet-in-residence, Emmy L Gant, in partnership with another talented local lady, Martine Barruel, who is on the left of the picture, below.

They treated us to an hour of world class poetry from international greats including China’s Yi Cha, former USA Poet Laureate Billy Collins, and Nobel Prize winning Chilean Pablo Neruda.
Further notable names, French and others, can be found on the poster, above.
The works of both ladies were also included, to the huge enjoyment of the large number of attendees.

And a surprise highlight was the reading, in French, by Emmy, of her own translation of local author C E Ayr’s poem, Where Do Dreams Go.

The event took place in the Exhibition Hall, where photographs from Australia, Japan and Indonesia are on display.

Senad, the Médiatheque’s Director, and his team, with customary charm, hospitality and efficiency, provided cool drinks and snacks while the two poets mingled with the appreciative aficionados.