Cultural Exchange

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The less talented 50%  of this site’s editorial team is now twice as almost famous.
Or perhaps half as not too well known.
The success of Medville Matters, the book written and edited by this dynamic duo, has already been reported on this site:
Now the  scribbling half is featured in Cavalaire’s Le Mag, the official magazine issued by La Mairie, or City Hall.mag piece 2Yes, well spotted, it is in French.
This is what it says:
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Cultural Exchange
Local author C. E. Ayr, is now a songwriter!
The Scot, as he is called here, whose recently published book was dedicated to the people of Cavalaire, is working with Var rock band Fall From Grace in an exciting new venture.
The band, from Sanary sur Mer, has just recorded The Night, and is considering different routes to market.
This apparently unlikely collaboration was born at last year’s Tremplin Rock event on the Esplanade Sainte Estelle.
Ayr and his friend and agent Martine Le Glaunec Landis were so impressed by the performance of these youngsters that they offered them original English-language lyrics to put to music.
Their singer reacted with enthusiasm, and the band has created a dynamic sound to bring the dark words to life.
The writer says ‘Any new venture is fun, and it has been fascinating to see how my words are interpreted by such talented local musicians. It’s all Rock n Roll!’
His book, Medville Matters, is a series of short stories mainly based in and around a thinly-disguised Cavalaire.
It is written in English, and is ideal for anyone learning or teaching the language.
It is available on loan and for sale at the Médiathèque (Library), where he is scheduled to sign copies and read excerpts on 14th June 2016.
Fall from Grace will be performing The Night at TROOP MC, a major music venue in La Garde, Toulon, on February 5th.
Watch this space!
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That’s it, pretty cool, huh?