The Houses of the Rising Sun

20170218_133039To the east of the town, at the end of the central beaches, lies another stretch of beach.
20170218_133336It runs from the path at the end of the promenade, past the Broken Steps, and Les Collières, and eventually merges with Pardigon Beach.
20170218_134624There is perhaps another kilometer of sand here, ideal for swimming, with views east to Cap Lardier, west to the port below Cap Cavalaire, and further off, to the Îles d’Hyères.
There are some nice houses here.
20170218_134905See for yourself.
20170218_133516Some are quaint…
20170218_133354some are functional…
20170218_135306and some are quite magnificent.
20170218_134618These impressive dwellings face directly onto the beach, with only a 10-foot wide path between their gates and the beach.
20170218_133624They have gardens with trees for shade and other shrubs and flowers for pleasure.
20170218_135233Some of them are available for seasonal rental.
Don’t ask us about prices, we are not in the business!20170218_134822