Plage de Débarquement

20170301_131334So yesterday we went to the ‘plage de débarquement’.
20170301_133120This is the beach where, all those years ago, Allied troops landed to begin the liberation of southern France.
20170301_133404This event is still commemorated annually in Cavalaire, and in other towns along the coast.
August 15th, 1944, holds a special place in the hearts of the people from this region.
20170301_133110The beach itself is quite magnificent, kilometres of glorious sand.
20170301_124316Because of the curve of the bay, the views are slightly different from those of the town and port.
20170301_130952There are rock pools at the farthest point.
20170301_131321And there is a little pier to add to the pleasure.
20170301_132815Not to mention a freshwater creek, always good for amusing a dog.20170301_134246