Emmy is famous!

Well, whadja know.
Emmy, under one of her several noms de guerre, is featured in today’s Var Matin, the daily newspaper for the Departement (cf. state in USA, county in UK).
We know this site is for English speakers of great taste and discernment, but hey, this is big news.
The story covers Springtime of Poets, the poetry reading that Emmy and her very talented friend Martine Barruel performed in La Médiatheque, our local library, on Saturday 11th March.
The article basically says the same as our report yesterday on the event, but not as elegantly or articulately.
Well, according to Google Translate, anyway!
Seriously, it doesn’t say much that we didn’t, but it name drops the fact that the fifty or so attendees included our mayor, Philippe Leonelli, and a couple of other really, really important local bigwigs.
Doesn’t mention me though, shows what they know, huh.

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