Life’s a Beach

20170220_125603One of our favourite hang-outs is Bonporteau Beach, just a 10-minute walk west of the town centre.
20170220_124849It is reached via this little woodland path.
20170220_134520At the bottom there are trees, shrubs, all sorts of greenery.
20170220_130726And a fresh-water pond.
20170220_133708And then you arrive at the beach.
20170220_124813It is enclosed by rocky cliffs, great fun to explore.
20170220_124844And there are views to the Îles d’Hyères, the group of islands which lie off the town of Hyères, further to the west.
20170220_130620Paradise, anyone?
20170220_125036Eros took this snap.img_5576

2 thoughts on “Life’s a Beach

  1. I guess we can add photography to the list of Eros’ talents. Kuddos to both of you for images that capture the beauty of that particular spot.
    It’s my favorite beach to find seaglass.


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