Jet Skis are the Bees’ Knees

20160918_105526-bCaval’eau Jet 2016

The Dysfunctional Duo are delighted to see this jeu de mots, play on words, which merges Cavalaire with eau, water, to publicise this mega event.
This weekend saw our little town host the Finals of the French Championship of Endurance Jet-skiing.
20160918_105719-bThe major sponsor and driving force behind this prestigious event was local TV celebrity Vincent Lagaf’, a long-time resident of Cavalaire sur Mer.
The town was jumping, the whole port area crammed with competitors and their vehicles and equipment.
A small village sprang up, with stalls displaying sponsors’ names exhibiting all sorts of related goodies.
In addition to the competitive racing, a series of breath-taking demonstrations of the art of jet-skiing had huge crowds gasping and roaring.
And Vincent had everyone cheering with a personal display of his amazing prowess on the Flyboard, a regular treat in Cavalaire Bay during the past few years.
20160918_160710-vThese Championships were made possible by the support from the Town Hall, in the person of Mayor Philippe Leonelli, the Office de Tourisme, whose team was led by Sophie Bocante, and the Tontons Flingeurs, who manage the logistics.
20160918_163510You know how successful it was when even the Torpid Twosome were out and about, taking bad pics, and generally having fun.



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