Two Old Bangers with Manga Clangers


This is going to be tricky.
Neither of the dilapidated duo know anything about this topic.
So, obviously, we decided to feature it.
We do have a good reason, please understand.
Our marvellous Médiatheque, or Multi-media Library, is running an exhibition on this fascinating cultural phenomenon.
Most people are aware that Manga is a Japanese word that means Comics or Cartoons.
And that it holds a whole generation of Western kids in total thrall.
Manga emerged from traditional Japanese art, and was first published as early as 1798.
It grew steadily before blossoming due to the influence of US comics (and Disney) during the post-war American occupation.
Over the next two decades it expanded hugely, in part due to the Year 24 Group of women who developed Manga for girls.
French art has long been influenced by Japan, so it is interesting to compare its famous ‘bande dessinée’ cartoons, which include such masterpieces as Tintin and Asterix.
Manga is now a world-wide multi-million dollar industry.
According to the latest figures available to our Financial Correspondent (the Pink One, copying from Wikipedia) annual sales in France and Germany top $200, and in the USA and Canada they are around $175.
Ah well, back to the drawing board.


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