The Pigeon

shoeless on a second chair

shoeless on a second chair

I relax outside the little café in the square, my feet shoeless on a second chair.
My hands behind my head, I enjoy the late afternoon sunshine on my face.
I feel myself drifting off, don’t care, I am comfortable in my surroundings.
I am wakened abruptly by a shrill English voice.
Oh, look at that!
I see the excited lady among the tourists at the next table, then the pigeon on mine.
It is eating peanuts out of the dish in front of me.
I grin.
Shoo it away, she exclaims, waving her arms in explanation, shoo it away!
I think of my pal Al, famous for his love of pigeons.
I smile at the poor agitated lady.
Nah, I say, closing my eyes again, not unless it starts on my beer.

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