Rock and Roll in Paradise

So on Sunday in Cavalaire we had sunshine, blue skies and live music.

Rock and Roll in Paradise

Rock and Roll in Paradise

Hosted by the Association 432 Hertz, this event ran alongside the Vide Grenier – literally ’empty attic’, but better known as a garage sale or car boot sale – in the Place Jean Moulin.

Organised by Pierre Marceau, a major figure in the local music scene, L’Art Rencontre Culturelle was an open mic day for talented youngsters, who turned out in force to entertain the crowds.

It was jumping!
And AnElephant was grooving to one of his favourite songs, superbly performed.
The appropriately named ‘Born to be Wild’.

L'Art Rencontre Culturelle

L’Art Rencontre Culturelle




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